Your self-hosted bookmark archive. Free and open source.

LinkAce Dashboard Preview

LinkAce is a self hosted archive to store and organize links of your favorite websites. Search through them with the help of tags and lists. The content stays available with the help of automated backups and monitoring.

Automated Monitoring

All saved links are monitored. Get a notification when a website moves or becomes unavailable.

Integrated Backups

Links are backed up via the Internet Archive after you saved them. Automagically.

Tags & Lists

Choose tags to categorize links, add them to custom lists to group them by a topic or occasion.

Share or keep it private

Your link archive can be accessed by guests, or kept private. Links, tags and lists can be set private separately.

Search, filter, order

A powerful search helps you find the links you are looking for. Filter and order the results by various properties.


LinkAce offers a REST API for all features, so you can control and access all your data from other applications.

Try the Demo

You can try LinkAce before installing it on your own server.

Try LinkAce
LinkAce mobile device demo

Install LinkAce

LinkAce ships with pre-configured Docker configurations and a built-in web installer to make things as easy as possible. Installation via Docker is the recommended way.

Install with Docker

Install without Docker

LinkAce Hosting

With hosting for LinkAce you can experience the application without the need of installing and maintaining it on your own. The hosting offer is currently in the making.

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