A selfhosted bookmark manager with a simple interface but advanced features.


Features you'll love


Organize all bookmarks with categories and tags to find them when you need them.


Save new bookmarks for every website, with every browser, without extensions or add-ons.


Simple usage and easy development: LinkAce uses Docker. <3

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Powerful features for your Bookmarks

Continuous Link Checks

LinkAce will continuously check all of your saved links to make sure that they stay available. Once a link was found either dead or it redirects to another location, you will get an email with the details.

Backup via the Wayback Machine

Links die every day. Content is lost and sometimes there is no way to recover what you found interesting. To prevent issues with your precious links becoming unavailable, LinkAce has a built-in method to back up all of your saved links: automated pings to the Wayback Machine, operated by the Internet Archive.
This method allows you to save copies of your links without having to care about storing any backups.

Please consider donating to the Internet Archive.


With LinkAce you can not only store bookmarks, but also organize them with the help of categories and tags.

While categories are meant to act like folders you put bookmarks in, tags can be helpfl to put a ton of labels on a bookmark. So a bookmark for a color gradient web tool could be sorted into a Web Tools category and tagged with the labels Design, Colors, Gradients and Generator.
The advanced search in LinkAce will help you find all bookmarks for the categories and / or tags you are searching for.


Notes can be very helpful to save additional information for bookmarks. They are stored separately and feel a little bit like messages you leave from time to time.


LinkAce comes with an advanced search that helps you find the bookmarks you are looking for. Combine several search factors, from title and URL, to categories and tags. Sort the results by various aspects afterwards.


Bookmark lists can be filtered and sorted by various aspects to help you search trough the lists or easily display them in a more appealing manner.

Easy Installation, no Browser Extensions

A bookmarklet is the most easy way to save links from any browser. No need to install any extensions or add-ons. That means no hassle for you and less development and support work for us. This way we can put more work into the core application and concentrate on the important things.

Sharing is Caring

Want to share a bookmark with your friends, family or colleagues? No problem, just use one of the many sharing buttons right below your bookmark. No more copy-and-paste or URLs.

Start using LinkAce

LinkAce is still in development.
However, the first usable version is already available and ready to try.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install LinkAce?

LinkAce can be installed via Docker or as a plain web application. Please take a look at the Wiki for detailed instructions.

How can I add more users?

LinkAce currently does not support multiple users, it's primarly intended for a single-user environment. However, multi-user-support is planned for a later version.