Setup with Docker

Warning: This is the documentation of a beta version of LinkAce. Things may break. Only use this version for tests.

Working with Docker is pretty straight forward, but you should be familiar with Docker. To make things easier, we provide Docker Compose files in the repository which contain all needed services, configured to just run the application right away.

All images are available on the Docker Hub and on the GitHub Registry and support amd/v7, amd64 and amd64.

Base Requirements

  • Command-line access to your server
  • Docker version 19 or greater
  • Docker Compose is recommended for the setup, must support compose version 3
  • Please consider using utf8mb4_bin as the database collation. Other collations like utf8mb4_general_ci may cause issues with different Unicode characters.

Setup with Docker

1. Copy the needed files

Download the Docker setup package from the LinkAce repository:

2. Edit the base configuration

You should change the following settings in the .env file before starting the setup:

  • DB_PASSWORD - Please set a secure password here
  • REDIS_PASSWORD - Please set a secure password here

If you are unsure if the .env file is writable inside Docker, please make it writable for anybody (-rw-rw-rw- or 666). You can switch back to read only after the setup.

Your directory should look like this now:

├╴ .env
├╴ docker-compose.yml

3. Start the application

After you completed the above steps, run the following command to start up the container setup:

docker compose up -d

4. Start the built-in setup

Open the URL which points to your Docker container in your browser now. If you started LinkAce on your local machine, for example, the URL should be http://localhost.

You can configure the database and your user account in the following process.

5. Follow the post-installation steps

Please make sure to follow the post-installation steps now to fully enable all features.

Advanced Configuration

The advanced Docker configuration page provides some guides for specific use cases for Docker.

  • Running Linkace behind a proxy / load balancer
  • Enable HTTPS for LinkAce without a proxy / load balancer

Compatibility with other Tools

  • Watchtower: Several users reported broken LinkAce installations after Watchtower ran updates. Please exclude LinkAce from Watchtower and only update manually to properly run all update steps.