A selfhosted bookmark manager with advanced features.

About LinkAce

LinkAce is a bookmark manager like Shaarli and other similar tools.
I built this tool to have something that fits my personal needs which other bookmark managers couldn’t solve, even if most features are almost the same. I used Shaarli for a while but I never really felt very comfortable with it. Maybe it was the inability to add another layer of taxonomy to saved links or the used template system which stopped me from customizing the app like I want.

LinkAce features

  • Bookmark links with automatic title and description generation
  • Organize bookmarks in categories and tags
  • A bookmarklet to quickly save links from any browser
  • Private or public links, so friends or internet strangers can see your collection
  • Add notes to links to add thoughts
  • Advanced search for your bookmarks
  • Import existing bookmarks from HTML exports (other methods planned)
  • Automated link checks to make sure your links stay available
  • Automated “backups” of your sites via the Waybackmachine
  • Implemented support for complete database and app backups to Amazon AWS S3

A note on support and new features

As mentioned, I built LinkAce for myself. Therefore I will only provide limited support for the application as well as limit my work on it after all needed features are present. However, feature requests are always welcome and I will happily accept contributions.