LinkAce Dashboard Preview

Self-hosted. Free. Open source.

LinkAce is an open source application and free to use. Install it on your server and take control over your data.

LinkAce Dashboard Preview

Automated Backups and Monitoring

After you saved a link, it will automatically saved by the Internet Archive. A reliable backup without maintenance. LinkAce will also monitor your links and notify you, if something's wrong.

Please consider donating to the Internet Archive.

LinkAce Tags Preview

Tags, Lists, organize your Links

Add tags to your links for categorization. Organize links in lists for broader or very specific topics. This will help you find your links in the future.

LinkAce Dashboard Preview


Whether you want it all the time or based on your operating system: LinkAce handles light and dark mode for you.

LinkAce Privacy Settings Preview

Guest Mode & Privacy

You can allow guests to view your link collection. However, access can be controlled for each link, tag and list separately.

LinkAce Dashboard Preview

LinkAce API

With a simple API key, other tools can access or edit all data within LinkAce. Connect the application with your favorite tools, integrate it into your workflow.

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Integrate with 5000+ apps and services

LinkAce is also available on Zapier, a platform to automate and connect thousands of applications and services with each other. Want to add bookmarks from Slack? Or get notified about new links via Telegram? You can do it.

LinkAce Privacy Settings Preview

Advanced Search

With the help of many filters and search options, it's easier to find links when you need them. Filter by tags, lists or private links, for example.

LinkAce Bookmarklet Preview

The Bookmarklet

Instead of bulky browser extensions, LinkAce provides an easy to use Bookmarklet. Save any website with a simple click. It also supports using the current text selection as a description for the link.

More Features

  • Titles, descriptions and thumbnails are generated automatically once you saved a link in LinkAce.
  • Add unlimited notes to links to add thoughts, details, to dos or whatever you don't want to put into the link description.
  • LinkAce is available in 8 languages, including English, Catalan, Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, Norwegian and Spanish.
  • Both private and public links are accessible via RSS feeds.
  • You can import existing bookmarks from your browser based on a standard HTML file. Or export all links saved in LinkAce to this standard format to be consumed by browsers or other applications.
  • The app can be backed up to Amazon AWS or any S3-compatible service. Backups include both the application files and the database.
  • Links, tags, lists or notes are not permanently deleted. A trash holds all "deleted" entries so nothing gets lost accidentally. You can restore all entries from the trash.
  • To make sharing as easy as possible, LinkAce prepares share links for a lot of different apps: email, Twitter, Whatsapp, Reddit,...
  • Changes made to links are logged in the database, so you know when you changed a title or the system marked a link as broken.
  • A lot of configuration options ensure that LinkAce fits your needs: timezone, time and date formats, defaults for link creation, and many more.

Try the Demo

You can try LinkAce before installing it on your own server.

Try LinkAce
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Install LinkAce

LinkAce ships with pre-configured Docker configurations and a built-in web installer to make things as easy as possible. Installation via Docker is the recommended way.

Install with Docker

Install without Docker