Support for LinkAce

Free support is highly limited for all my free tools, including LinkAce. If you need help please visit the community forum and post your issue there. I do not offer free personal support via chat or email.
Please notice that LinkAce has specific requirements to run correctly.

If you need prioritized support you can become a Patreon or Github Sponsor. ⭐️

In case you need help

Nothing goes exactly as planned. There can be small, hidden problems with LinkAce, or the app is not entirely compatible with your system.

Before posting a new help requests to the Github repository or in the communities, please take a look at the documentation.

Posting bug reports

The Github repository is intended to track the development status and not for support requests! If you need help without knowing that there is a specific issue with LinkAce itself, please use the community channels instead.

If you want to report a bug within the application, please open a new issue and describe:

  • which version you are using,
  • what your exact problem is,
  • and what you already did to solve the problem.