Application Backups

LinkAce provides an easy way to back up the whole application including the database to the local filesystem, or any S3-compatible service, including Amazon AWS S3, Minio or Backblase B2. Under the hood LinkAce uses the Spatie Backup package. Please consult the documentation of the package for advanced configuration.

Starting with LinkAce 1.10.4 backups to the local filesystem are enabled by default.
When using Docker, backups can be found in the backups folder outside the container.
When using the PHP install method, backups can be found in the storage/app/backups folder.
You must set up the cron job for the backup system to work.

By default, the backup system will periodically purge old backups if they exceed 250 MB of disk usage. For more details, read more about configuration.

Configure the backups

To back up LinkAce add the following settings to your .env file:

.env setting Possible values Default value Description
BACKUP_ENABLED true, false true Set to true to enable the application backups
BACKUP_DISK local_backups, s3 local_backups The storage for backups: local_backups saves the files to /storage/app/backups, s3 saves to your configured S3 storage
BACKUP_NOTIFICATION_EMAIL any email address [email protected] Set a valid email address to receive notification about backups.
BACKUP_MAX_SIZE any number 265 The maximum size of all backups in MB. Once reached the oldest backups will be deleted.

if you want to use AWS S3 for backups, define the key ID, the access key, the region and your bucket name here:


Using a third-party S3-compatible service

Instead of Amazon AWS S3, you can use any S3-compatible service. To connect to the service instead of AWS, you have to set the correct endpoint in your .env file. Near your other AWS_ settings, add the following line and replace the URL with your own service URL: