User Settings

LinkAce offers a lot of options to customize your bookmarking experience. Here is the overview for all user specific settings which are accessible from the user drop down menu in the menu bar.

The Bookmarklet

User Bookmarklet preview

The Bookmarklet is one of the most important features as it provides a simple way to add a random website to LinkAce as a link without leaving the website. To use the Bookmarklet, drag the button to your browser bookmarks bar.

While on a website you want to bookmark, simply click the Bookmarklet. This will open a popup. This popup will show a login page if you are not logged in on LinkAce, or the pre-filled link form.

The API Token

As of today, LinkAce does not ship with an API yet. However, this feature is planned and will be available in a future release. When available, the API Token will grant you access to all API actions which need to be authorized.

Account Settings

User Account Settings preview

For sure LinkAce also lets you change your user details and your password. You can change both in the Account Settings panel or the Change Password panel.

User Settings

User Account Settings preview

Last but not least, the user settings. The following table gives you an overview of the first few options.

| Option | Description | |:------|:------------| | Timezone | Set the correct timezone here to save and display the correct times for all entries. | | Open external links in new tabs | If enabled, external links will be opened in new tabs on click, instead of the same tab. | | Private Links by default | If enabled, all new links will be private by default. (You still have the option to uncheck this while adding a link.) | | Private Notes by default | If enabled, all new notes will be private by default. | | Date format | You can choose the format of all displayed dates here. | | Time format | You can choose the format of all displayed times here. | | Number of entries in lists | This setting affects hoe many entries are displayed on the overview pages. Please note that displaying 50 or more entries may affect the loading times on low-powered systems. | | Display links as... | Links can be displayed in two different formats: as rows with more details including tags, or as smaller cars which show less details but provide a better overview. |

Dark Mode

Yes! LinkAce ships with a dark mode! You have three options available here:

  • Disabled = The light theme will always be displayed.
  • Permanently Enabled = The dark theme will always be disabled.
  • Automatic = Caution, magic happening here! 😜 If this option is set, LinkAce will use the current setting of your operating system as a base. If you have the dark mode enabled in your operating system, LinkAce will also enable his one.

LinkAce has a lot of options built in to share links. To make sharing easier for you, you can disable sharing methods here which you don’t want to use. Simply click on the corresponding icon to enable or disable the option. An enabled option is displayed as green.

You can use the “Toggle all” button to disable or enable all options all together.