Post-Setup Steps

Theoretically you can use LinkAce after finishing the setup. I recommend checking the following short steps to make sure you unlock the full potential of LinkAce, including automated backups to the Internet Archive and regular automated link checks.

1. Update the .env file with advanced settings

The .env file in your LinkAce directory contains some advanced settings which can be enabled if you want to use them. Two configurations are quite important: email settings and application backups.

All other possible settings can be found in the .env file reference.

Email Configuration

Please add the following block to your .env file and change the values according to your

.env setting Possible values Default value Description
MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS any email address [email protected] The email address you are sending from
MAIL_FROM_NAME any string LinkAce The name you are sending from
MAIL_DRIVER log, smtp, sendmail, mailgun, ses, postmark smtp The method of sending email, more details see the Mail configuration docs
MAIL_HOST any string SMTP only: the host sending email from
MAIL_PORT any number 587 SMTP only: the post for connecting to the host
MAIL_USERNAME any string none SMTP only: the username for connecting to the host
MAIL_PASSWORD any string none SMTP only: the password for connecting to the host
MAIL_ENCRYPTION ssl, tls, none tls SMTP only: the sending encryption

2. Setup the cron

The cron is necessary to enable automated backups via the Waybackmachine, enabling regular link checks and application backups. You will be presented a cron token, and a pre-built cron URL on the system settings page, available from the username dropdown. More information about how to configure a cron can be found in the System Settings.

3. Configure basic app settings

On the same page as your Bookmarklet you can find basic app settings like the timezone, date and time format, and some privacy defaults. I recommend setting the correct timezone and the date and time formats too. You may also set which share buttons should be available when viewing your links.

4. Install the Bookmarklet

Visit the user settings, available from the dropdown menu beneath your username. To install the bookmarklet, simply drag the Bookmarklet button into your bookmarks bar.