LinkAce Translations

With a growing community more international users may prefer to use the application in their own language.

Help translating LinkAce

If you want to help translate LinkAce, please join our project on Crowdin. LinkAce uses this service instead of regular version-controlled files to properly keep track of translated strings, using moderation and verified strings.

Currently, the top 30 most popular languages are targeted. If you want to translate a less popular one, please open an issue in the repository.

Before a new language will be officially added to the application, it needs to be completely translated. Also, those languages need users who are capable of translating or correcting strings for new versions.

Currently available Languages

  • English (US)

  • Catalan

  • Chinese (Simplified)

  • French

  • German

  • Hungarian

  • Norwegian

  • Spanish

  • Vietnamese