LinkAce Changelog


Released at 2024-05-02

  • Tags and lists are now properly added to links by their ID when then link is created via the API (#774)
  • Compatibility with Podman, update for the contribution docs by @chrissawyerfan4.
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2024-02-20

  • Translation fix and minor adjustment of the privacy icon by @ramsnerm. 🥳
  • Imports now properly work if exports do not contain creation dates. (#752)
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2024-02-05

Support for PHP 8.0 was dropped. LinkAce only supports PHP 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3.

  • Update for the Romanian translation.
  • Small Interface fixes.
  • Large-scale update of used dependencies.
  • Base Node version used in the project is not v20 LTS.


Released at 2023-11-01

  • All pages now have proper titles in their HTML. Thanks to @chrissawyerfan4 (#584 & #691)
  • Guest settings are hidden if Guest mode is disabled. Thanks to @chrissawyerfan4
  • PDO requirement in the setup is now clarified. Thanks to @chrissawyerfan4
  • LinkAce is now also available in Russian. Translations are provided by kyaroslav83 on Crowdin.
  • Absolute paths can now be used when importing bookmarks from the CLI. (#690)
  • Dashboard statistics only count for the current user. Thanks to @sergiorgiraldo
  • Some styling issues were fixed.
  • Fixes a security issue where users could use LinkAce as a proxy. Theoretically only exploitable if you have multiple users who might exploit your application.
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2023-07-20

  • Handling of order directions for links, lists and tags was improved to prevent errors from automated requests.
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2023-06-04

  • Fix for ordering links, list and tags in random order, thanks to @chrissawyerfan4.
  • Link description is now returned as null if it’s empty (#646)
  • Lists and tags are now private according to the user setting if created while adding a link. (#644)
  • Added a missing storage/app/backups directory to the Docker image. (#639)
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2023-04-10

  • Adds new translation for Romanian, big thanks to M. Gabriel Lup for his work! 🥳
  • Sorting options were optimized to be more clear and easier to use, big thanks to @chrissawyerfan4.
  • Imports from various browsers were fixed. (#630)
  • Spacing between buttons was fixed. (#631)
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2023-03-20

  • Fixes the broken Docker images that were missing libraries for running backups. (#627)


Released at 2023-03-19

  • The handling of trusted proxies was corrected. (#625)


Released at 2023-03-16

  • The LinkAce Docker images are now also available on the GitHub registry.
  • The search no longer display “No results found” when no search was performed, contributed by @chrissawyerfan4. 🥳
  • Dark mode for guests is correctly applied on login form. (#619)
  • The hashing driver configuration was updated and is now configurable. (#617)
  • The trusted proxies can now be set in the env file. (#617)
  • Updated dependencies


Released at 2023-01-22

  • The password reset no longer exposes if user accounts exist. Reported by @bAuh0lz.
  • Adds a new command to complete the setup if installing with PostgreSQL or SQLite.
  • Add hint about special characters in passwords. (#596)
  • Tags are set to private during the import if the user setting is configured to do so. (#588)
  • Updated dependencies


Released at 2022-12-15

Support for PHP 7.4 was dropped. LinkAce only supports PHP 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2.

  • Added the Italian translation provided by Alessandro Del Prete
  • Added the Polish translation provided by Mateusz Hajder and Yonei
  • QR Codes for 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA) can be scanned when dark mode is activated. (#501)
  • Toggles for active share services are now properly handled. (#581)
  • The “Links are private by default” setting is taken into account when importing bookmarks. (#577)
  • Updated dependencies: Laravel 9, Spatie Backup and many more
  • LinkAce now offers a bug bounty program for critical security vulnerabilities. Details can be found in the Security Policy.


Released at 2022-11-17

Please note that the LinkAce Docker image will be renamed with the release of LinkAce 2! Read more

  • Fixed an issue where not only time zone options were available in the user settings. (#568)
  • Adjusted the notices about APP_KEYs in the .env files (#540)
  • Fix issue with all links being public despite setting is set to private (#504)
  • Updated dependencies


Released at 2022-09-04

  • The docker-compose files for setting up LinkAce with Docker were changed and backups are now enabled by default. Please read the upgrade guide.
  • A new command for listing all active users was added: users:list
  • Updated dependencies


Released at 2022-08-16

Big thanks to Dzung Do and Ahmad Khalili for their first contribution to LinkAce! 🥳

  • Added the Vietnamese translation provided by Dzung Do
  • Typo fix in SearchTrait by Ahmad Khalili
  • Updated dependencies
  • Updates to Readme, contribution and issue templates


Released at 2022-06-10

Big thanks to Yasin Baran for his first contribution to LinkAce! 🥳

  • Some websites are now properly checked for meta information (#465)
  • Automatic app backups should now run properly without permission changes (#475)
  • Timeouts for saving links to the Wayback Machine are now ignored (#472)
  • Added new configuration options for S3 for third-party services, see advanced .env settings for more details. (#476)
  • LinkAce skips the link check in the import command if email is not configured (#445)
  • Remove the typed characters from tag and list select once item is selected (#378)
  • Some websites are now properly checked for meta information (#465)
  • Updated dependencies


Released at 2022-05-02

  • Alex Tu fixed an issue with the input styling in dark mode (#448)
  • Minor design changes and small fixes
  • Added translation for Norwegian
  • Updated dependencies


Released at 2022-04-04

  • LinkAce is way less dependent on the .env file. It is still needed, but it was reduced to the bare minimum. However, existing LinkAce installations do not have to change anything. (#398)
    Attention: if you upgraded LinkAce and the setup starts, abort immediately and report this in the discussion forum!
  • There are now dedicated packages for Docker setups that contain all needed files. (#426)
  • Added a new display option for links: cards with many details. (#305)
  • The “list with many details” display option was extended to also display the link description. (#352)
  • When ordering/sorting links, lists or tags, the order is now saved through the session. (#349)
  • Services used in the Docker setups were updated to the latest versions.
  • Translations were updated.
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2022-03-11

  • Corrected the documentation for local backups: BACKUP_DISK must be set to local_backups instead of local. (#381)
  • Added backup-temp directory to the storage to prevent possible permission issues inside Docker. (#412)
  • LinkAce now supports PHP 8.1 and the Docker images are using PHP 8.1 and Node 16.
  • Dependencies were updated to mitigate security vulnerabilities.


Released at 2022-01-20

  • Users are redirected back after links are deleted from lists and tags. (#355)
  • New tags and lists can be added inside the bookmarklet again. (#356)


Released at 2022-01-14

  • LinkAce now uses Bootstrap 5 and comes with a slightly updated design. (#345)
  • The old Selectize library was replaced and jQuery removed, resulting in 30% smaller assets. (#343)
  • You can now set a custom core timezone using APP_TIMEZONE. Please read the documentation before using this setting! (#348)
  • You can now set a custom User Agent to prevent being blocked by websites. Read more (#334)
  • Tags and lists are now properly preserved when logging in while using the bookmarklet. (#350)
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2022-01-08

  • Contains a fix for properly handling link deletion. (#346)


Released at 2022-01-06

  • LinkAce now requires PHP 7.4 and uses Node 16 by default.
  • The API now accepts a per_page query parameter to define the amount of items in paged results. Use 0 to return unlimited results. (#294)
  • The bookmarklet now accepts additional tags and lists as query parameters. (#308)
  • When deleting links, lists or tags, you are redirected to the previous page instead to the overview. (#341)
  • The welcome screen / splash screen was removed. (#325)
  • Duplicate error messages were removed. (#329)
  • Links are opened in a new tab on the simple list, if activated in the settings. (#339)
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-10-06

  • You can now search for tags and lists directly on the overview pages. Many thanks to gavinr for his contribution! (#309)
  • Users are now notified if a link already exists in the Bookmarklet form. The edit form was optimized too. (#318)
  • Custom HTML can be added to the <head>. Useful for adding analytics scripts. (#280)
  • New translations for Catalan, Spanish and Hungarian were added. Huge thanks to Patrick Mates, aladecom and Xorxe!
  • Tags can be ordered correctly in the guest mode. (#306)
  • Display of public/private links in guest mode were fixed. (#307)
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-08-08

  • The setup process was improved and issues were fixed. (#288)
  • Long list and tag names won’t break the dashboard interface anymore. (#303)
  • Private tags and lists have the lock indicator on their detail pages now. (#304)
  • Translations and dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-06-06

  • Link tags are also shown in the search results now. (#279)
  • Fixes issues with the search box on the dashboard. (#278)
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-05-10

  • Fixes an issue where link thumbnail URLs caused links to not be saved. (#274)
  • Dependencies were updated.
  • Large internal code cleanup and optimization.


Released at 2021-04-19

  • Youtube links with underscores now get the correct thumbnail. (#263)
  • Update checks are cached for a day as intended by default.
  • The Docker update script was corrected. (#259)
  • LinkAce now provides basic social meta information for sharing and a social media image.
  • Minor optimizations for internal SVG usage.


Released at 2021-04-18

  • LinkAce now saves a thumbnail URl for a link if it is provided through og:image or twitter:image in the HTML meta tags. Thumbnails are shown on the detail page in and lists with many details. This is a “light” version of providing screenshots for links. (#18)
  • A new command for updating the thumbnails of all links is now available.
  • Restructuring of some internal components, as well as minor code quality improvements.
  • Update checks were updates to use less traffic.
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-04-09

  • LinkAce now provides RSS feeds for public links. Private feeds can be accessed by using the API token. Read more. (#197)
  • Links can manually be set to a “working” status. Helpful if LinkAce has issues correctly checking the status of the link. (#234)
  • Users can now search for links which have no tags or lists assigned. (#257)
  • The simple Docker image was fixed. (#258)
  • Issues with incorrect search results while searching in title and description were fixed.
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-03-27

  • Fix issues with empty HTML meta tags by using a hotfix version of the laravel-html-meta package. (#253)
  • Corrects usage of the application backups package. (#251)


Released at 2021-03-25

This release requires additional steps while upgrading. Please read the upgrade guide.

  • LinkAce now supports the ARM platform (ARM64 and ARM v7). (#175)
  • You can now use third-party S3 services for application backups, instead of AWS S3. (#198)
  • Redis sockets can now be used instead of TCP-based connections. (#196)
  • The dashboard was extended with a search box, the latest tags and latest lists. (#188 #192)
  • French translation was added. Many thanks to @secnum!
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-03-07

  • The cron token is now properly changed when you re-generate it. (#245)
  • Fixes issue with failing update check in footer. (#244)
  • HTML meta is now provided by the kovah/laravel-html-meta package to fix issues with encoding. (#238)


Released at 2021-03-06

  • Markdown is now supported in link descriptions and notes, can be enabled in the user settings. (#217)
  • Share links are now hidden if all services are disabled. (#233)
  • Fixed issue with encoding of HTML meta while adding links. (#238)
  • Link checks were improved: timeout was increased, status codes are now handled properly. (#236)
  • Fixed issue with overflowing tag suggestions. (#242)
  • The Linkace version and update check is now displayed in the footer. (#220)
  • Link tables now contain tags.
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-02-07

  • A link to a search for broken links was added to the dashboard.
  • Fix of the current LinkAce version.
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-02-04

  • LinkAce properly handles issues with character encoding now. (#225)
  • Users can now search for broken links only.
  • Dependencies were updated to fix some security vulnerabilities.


Released at 2021-01-20

  • A new command to import bookmarks from a file from the filesystem. (#201)
  • The bookmarklet now accepts a description from text selected on the current website. (#214)
  • The simple Docker image is now capable of running application backups to Amazon AWS. (#216)
  • LinkAce logo is now properly sized on the login page. (#212)
  • utf8mb4_bin is now the default collation for databases in the example docker-compose files. (#206)
  • A lot of security, performance and code maintainability issues were fixed. System settings are now properly cached.
  • Dependencies were updated to fix some security vulnerabilities.


Released at 2021-01-11

  • Title and description are now searched by default. (#211)
  • Adds new command to view 2FA recovery codes. (#173)
  • Improve accessibility of icons used in the UI. (#181)
  • Optimize performance of link checks and the Wayback Machine handling.
  • Updates for all dependencies.


Released at 2020-12-21

  • Fixes an issue with the setup not working correctly because of a wrong redirect. (#186)
  • The input field for the quick link adding is now checking for a valid URL. (#187)
  • Favicons are now loaded correctly.
  • Links are now added faster, because the Internet Archive backup was optimized.
  • Security fix: history entries on the link detail page are now properly escaped.
  • Styling of tag and list selects are corrected in dark mode.
  • The URL is correctly validated for tag suggestions loading.


Released at 2020-12-16

First stable release of LinkAce.