LinkAce Changelog


Released at 2021-10-06

  • You can now search for tags and lists directly on the overview pages. Many thanks to gavinr for his contribution! (#309)
  • Users are now notified if a link already exists in the Bookmarklet form. The edit form was optimized too. (#318)
  • Custom HTML can be added to the <head>. Useful for adding analytics scripts. (#280)
  • New translations for Catalan, Spanish and Hungarian were added. Huge thanks to Patrick Mates, aladecom and Xorxe!
  • Tags can be ordered correctly in the guest mode. (#306)
  • Display of public/private links in guest mode were fixed. (#307)
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-08-08

  • The setup process was improved and issues were fixed. (#288)
  • Long list and tag names won’t break the dashboard interface anymore. (#303)
  • Private tags and lists have the lock indicator on their detail pages now. (#304)
  • Translations and dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-06-06

  • Link tags are also shown in the search results now. (#279)
  • Fixes issues with the search box on the dashboard. (#278)
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-05-10

  • Fixes an issue where link thumbnail URLs caused links to not be saved. (#274)
  • Dependencies were updated.
  • Large internal code cleanup and optimization.


Released at 2021-04-19

  • Youtube links with underscores now get the correct thumbnail. (#263)
  • Update checks are cached for a day as intended by default.
  • The Docker update script was corrected. (#259)
  • LinkAce now provides basic social meta information for sharing and a social media image.
  • Minor optimizations for internal SVG usage.


Released at 2021-04-18

  • LinkAce now saves a thumbnail URl for a link if it is provided through og:image or twitter:image in the HTML meta tags. Thumbnails are shown on the detail page in and lists with many details. This is a “light” version of providing screenshots for links. (#18)
  • A new command for updating the thumbnails of all links is now available.
  • Restructuring of some internal components, as well as minor code quality improvements.
  • Update checks were updates to use less traffic.
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-04-09

  • LinkAce now provides RSS feeds for public links. Private feeds can be accessed by using the API token. Read more. (#197)
  • Links can manually be set to a “working” status. Helpful if LinkAce has issues correctly checking the status of the link. (#234)
  • Users can now search for links which have no tags or lists assigned. (#257)
  • The simple Docker image was fixed. (#258)
  • Issues with incorrect search results while searching in title and description were fixed.
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-03-27

  • Fix issues with empty HTML meta tags by using a hotfix version of the laravel-html-meta package. (#253)
  • Corrects usage of the application backups package. (#251)


Released at 2021-03-25

This release requires additional steps while upgrading. Please read the upgrade guide.

  • LinkAce now supports the ARM platform (ARM64 and ARM v7). (#175)
  • You can now use third-party S3 services for application backups, instead of AWS S3. (#198)
  • Redis sockets can now be used instead of TCP-based connections. (#196)
  • The dashboard was extended with a search box, the latest tags and latest lists. (#188 #192)
  • French translation was added. Many thanks to @secnum!
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-03-07

  • The cron token is now properly changed when you re-generate it. (#245)
  • Fixes issue with failing update check in footer. (#244)
  • HTML meta is now provided by the kovah/laravel-html-meta package to fix issues with encoding. (#238)


Released at 2021-03-06

  • Markdown is now supported in link descriptions and notes, can be enabled in the user settings. (#217)
  • Share links are now hidden if all services are disabled. (#233)
  • Fixed issue with encoding of HTML meta while adding links. (#238)
  • Link checks were improved: timeout was increased, status codes are now handled properly. (#236)
  • Fixed issue with overflowing tag suggestions. (#242)
  • The Linkace version and update check is now displayed in the footer. (#220)
  • Link tables now contain tags.
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-02-07

  • A link to a search for broken links was added to the dashboard.
  • Fix of the current LinkAce version.
  • Dependencies were updated.


Released at 2021-02-04

  • LinkAce properly handles issues with character encoding now. (#225)
  • Users can now search for broken links only.
  • Dependencies were updated to fix some security vulnerabilities.


Released at 2021-01-20

  • A new command to import bookmarks from a file from the filesystem. (#201)
  • The bookmarklet now accepts a description from text selected on the current website. (#214)
  • The simple Docker image is now capable of running application backups to Amazon AWS. (#216)
  • LinkAce logo is now properly sized on the login page. (#212)
  • utf8mb4_bin is now the default collation for databases in the example docker-compose files. (#206)
  • A lot of security, performance and code maintainability issues were fixed. System settings are now properly cached.
  • Dependencies were updated to fix some security vulnerabilities.


Released at 2021-01-11

  • Title and description are now searched by default. (#211)
  • Adds new command to view 2FA recovery codes. (#173)
  • Improve accessibility of icons used in the UI. (#181)
  • Optimize performance of link checks and the Wayback Machine handling.
  • Updates for all dependencies.


Released at 2020-12-21

  • Fixes an issue with the setup not working correctly because of a wrong redirect. (#186)
  • The input field for the quick link adding is now checking for a valid URL. (#187)
  • Favicons are now loaded correctly.
  • Links are now added faster, because the Internet Archive backup was optimized.
  • Security fix: history entries on the link detail page are now properly escaped.
  • Styling of tag and list selects are corrected in dark mode.
  • The URL is correctly validated for tag suggestions loading.


Released at 2020-12-16

First stable release of LinkAce.